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When searching for the ideal softgel capsule manufacturer, it is important to examine the advantages of private label capsules. Private label softgel capsules are one of the most effective methods for brand development. Be certain to choose a softgel capsule company that provides distinctive, high-quality items.

What are softgel capsules?


Softgel capsules resemble hard-shelled capsules in appearance, but they contain chemicals floating in gelatin or other similar media. It rapidly releases and absorbs dietary supplement components.

How to Make Soft Gelatin Capsules

Gelatin – A gelatin melting tank is used to combine and heat granulated gelatin and other ingredients in warm water.

Filling – The procedure for making the oil or paste that will be encapsulated. Tanks, mixers, vacuum homogenizers, sieves, and grinders are used during this process. While the fill material and gelatin are awaiting encapsulation, heated and unheated transfer tanks may be employed.

Encapsulation – Process of transforming the gel mass into a thin film of gelatin and wrapping it around the fill material.

Drying – The process of removing surplus moisture from the gelatin shell in order to reduce its size and harden the softgel. Tumbling or a mix of tumbling and tray drying may be used for drying.

Cleaning, Inspection and Sorting – Pre-packaging steps are necessary for quality control.

It’s a Simple Process To Get Started

We carry over 250 different supplements in stock including the most popular nutraceutical capsule products in the industry. Doing so allows us to have the fastest turn-around times in the industry.

Getting your nutritional supplement business started is as easy as a 1-2-3.



We discuss which products you’d like to get started with. Choose from one of our stock formulas or have us create your own. 


Tell us how you would like your products customized. From logo design, product labels, to packing slips – our graphic designers can help. 



Determine your order quantity, place your order, and let us deliver it to you or provide a full in-house fulfillment for your supplement brand. 

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Proven Results

If you are an established merchant or e-commerce store looking to launch an exclusive nutritional supplement formulation in any region, Affiliate Nutra is uniquely qualified and equipped to assist you by using our extensive experience with market-proven nutritional supplements.

Are you considering creating your own proprietary dietary formulation? We understand how difficult it may be to create a viable supplement product from scratch. Creating a brand that resonates with your consumer base is no easy effort – which is why it’s vital to work with an experienced private label nutritional supplement manufacturer who understands and supports your brand’s requirements, goals, and vision.

What variables contribute to a private label nutritional supplement’s effectiveness? To begin, it requires an understanding of the ingredients’ properties; a certain level of intricacy and knowledge is required to ensure that the substances used to create the high-quality things you desire to sell are compatible. Additionally, you want to ensure that your supplement source is not compromising on the quality of the raw components utilized to manufacture the nutritional supplement in order to keep the price low.

Affiliate Nutra’s professional team of purchasers and formulators will work with you throughout this process to ensure that your brand continues to flourish. From start to finish, we assist you with everything necessary to bring your concept to reality. We are not looking for a transactional relationship; rather, we are looking for collaborative business partners to assist us in developing a supplement that will sell on a consistent basis. We are committed to the continuous success of your brand and unique nutritional supplement formulation at Affiliate Nutra.

The choices are entirely up to you, and we are here to assist you. Our seasoned and experienced team of highly talented formulators, purchasers, marketers, and business development specialists is dedicated to assisting your brand in reaching and maintaining the top.

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Affiliate Nutra wants to be your custom nutraceutical manufacturer and partner! We love helping starting private label brands or established sellers find better product offerings and gain more attractive pricing for their products.


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