Weight Loss Supplements: Are They Safe?

You probably set yourself goals for this year; maybe one of them was to lose some weight. But just because you are committed to clear that goal, you shouldn’t try every weight loss supplement that promises you ten pounds less in three weeks. 

Many companies take advantage of people who want to lose weight by creating so-called “heavenly sent” products that may end up causing you more harm than you think. If you care about your health too, we can agree that this kind of strategy should be penalized as soon as they see the public eye. 

Below you will find about risky products that are not FDA approved, red flags to identify one, and because not all of them are bad, some products approved by the FDA. Keep reading!  

Adulterated Products 

There are a lot of tainted products in the market that contain ingredients banned from the FDA. These products are usually imported or sold online, and sadly they are also highly recommended on social media by influencers.  

These weight loss products that are adulterated can cause heart problems and strokes in the user.

Dietary Supplements 

These kinds of products are not FDA-approved, but they still keep circulating in the market. It is companies duty to assure their products are safe for the consumers. But just because they’re in the market does not mean they have the right regulations. 

Many reports associated with these unregulated weight loss products cause increased blood pressure, strokes, seizures, and in the worst cases, death.

Look Out For The Red Flags 

When something’s off, you can sense it. Learn to read the redflags of the weight loss products offered in the market.

  • They promise quick fixes like “lose 5 Kg in one week.”
  • Products marketed in a foreign language
  • Products offered through email chains 
  • Products marketed as herbal alternatives to an FDA-approved drug.

FDA Approved 

Some drugs are FDA approved; these are meant to be used long-term to enhance your natural process of weight loss. The five approved are orlistat, qsymia, contrave, liraglutide, and wegovy. 

You can take these medications as long as they are not causing you any harm or serious side effects.

Most Reliable Loss Weight Supplements

Affiliate Nutra is an FDA-registered facility that manufactures weight loss supplements. With years of experience in the industry, we provide you with the best of the best, always looking for your health first. 


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